Dhruv Narain

Senior Portfolio Manager - Real Assets and Infrastructure

Dhruv joined Plenisfer in September 2021 with two decades of experience in investing in real asset strategies including energy, infrastructure, telecoms and real estate.

Prior to joining Plenisfer Investments, he was part of the global Real Assets Investment Committee and the firm-wide ESG Committee for GCM Grosvenor. Dhruv has always been passionate about combining private investment with public policy to deliver outcomes for investors and society. In prior roles at the Abu Dhabi Investment Council, the World Bank Group (IFC) and Macquarie Capital, Dhruv has lead private investments in large-scale global renewables platforms, energy value chains, telecom towers, cables and data companies and real estate development projects through roles based in New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi.

Dhruv completed high school in Singapore and is a graduate in Economics with Honours from the London School of Economics in the UK and an MBA from INSEAD in France. In his spare time, Dhruv enjoys extensive and off-the-beaten path travel and immersing himself in the history, art, classical literature, architecture, food and wine of the places that he drags his family to. His wife and two kids say he should do more sport instead.


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