Alessia Vergani

Sales & Marketing Specialist

Alessia joined the Plenisfer’s team in September 2021 as Marketing & Sales Specialist. Here she is responsible for managing all the Investment Marketing activities of the boutique, along with Relationship Management and Sales tasks. Previously, Alessia was part of the Marketing team of an international asset manager, M&G Investments, where she had the opportunity to strengthen her skills in terms of strategic and tactical investment marketing campaigns, supporting the sales team in client activities and working on the company's communication channels implementation. In her previous work experience, she held the position of Sales division support at Azimut Capital Management SGR and Business Consultant for Financial Services in a strategic consulting company.

Alessia lives in Milan and holds a Master's Degree in Finance and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration & Management, both from Bocconi University. She has a great passion for sport and travelling, she likes to be always on the move and find new things to do, in short: she never stands still!



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