as a Team


The foundation of our investment philosophies and approach has always been a passion for investing and the power of collaboration.

Our vision is an investment firm focused on the power of collaboration to create a ‘new active’ way of investing. Exploiting our demonstrable success of working together, we have built an investment process to deliver goal-based investing. We have carefully selected a team with the required expertise, the determination to work as a team and the ability to think differently. Investment decisions are taken by all the team “sitting together at the same table”, not delegated to single portfolio managers or teams. This approach ensures the optimal capture of return, diversification and risk management for a total return objective.


The co-founders

We have been working together for more than 20 years. Seasoned investors with significant expertise in investment markets, we have built multiple teams and capabilities across all asset classes together. The foundation of our investment philosophies and approach has always been a passion for investing and the power of collaboration.


Giordano Lombardo

Co-Founder, CEO and Co-CIO

Giordano Lombardo is a co-founder, Chief Executive Officer & Co-CIO at Plenisfer Investments Management. Prior to...


Mauro Ratto

Co-Founder and Co-Chief Investment Officer

Mauro Ratto is a co-founder and Co-Chief Investment Officer with responsibility for investment research and...


Diego Franzin

Co-Founder and Senior Portfolio Manager/Head of Portfolio Strategies

Diego Franzin is a co-founder of Plenisfer Investments Management, Senior Portfolio Manager, member...


Robert Richardson

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Robert Richardson is Chief Operating Officer and a co-founder of Plenisfer Investments. With over...


The Team

Our team of investment professionals brings the different perspectives of experienced CIOs and senior portfolio managers. Each investment idea is seen from the different angles of macro, bottom up equity and credit. Investment decisions are taken by all the team “sitting together at the same table”, not delegated to single portfolio managers or teams.


Stefan Benedetti

Senior Portfolio Manager - Distressed, Stressed and High Yielding Debt

Stefan joined Plenisfer Investments as a credit specialist in September 2020...


Marco Mencini

Senior Portfolio Manager - Equity

Marco Mencini is a Senior Portfolio Manager in Plenisfer Investments with specific responsibility for equities...


Grazia Cetrangolo

Middle Office Specialist

Grazia Cetrangolo joined Plenisfer Investments in May 2020. She joined from energy trading company Alpherg SPA...


Vincenzo Creanza

Chief Risk Officer

Vincenzo Creanza is the Chief Risk Officer at Plenisfer Investments joining in November 2019. He has over...


Maria De Filpo

Head of Corporate Administration

Maria joined Plenisfer Investments in September 2019 bringing over 10 years of experience in asset management...


Alessia Vergani

Sales & Marketing Specialist

Alessia joined the Plenisfer’s team in September 2021 as Marketing & Sales Specialist. Here she is responsible for...


Grazia Gilardoni

Investment Analyst

Grazia Gilardoni joined Plenisfer Investments in September 2019 as an Investment Analyst focused...


Alessandra Goggioli

Chief Compliance Officer

Alessandra Goggioli joined Plenisfer Investments in May 2020. A lawyer by training, Alessandra has spent most...


Sofia Gravucci

Corporate Administration Specialist

Sofia joined Plenisfer Investments as a Corporate Administration Specialist in January 2021 to support...


Gareth Kiernan

Head of Middle Office

Gareth Kiernan joined Plenisfer Investments in September 2020 as Head of Middle Office. Gareth brings...


Matteo Lenardon

Head of Sales – Italy

Matteo joined Plenisfer Investments as Head of Sales, Italy in October 2020. Bringing over 15 years’ experience in...


Loris Maini

Investment Support

Loris Maini joined Plenisfer Investments in March 2020. He joined the firm from Generali Group where...


Emilio Schiavo

Quantitative & Risk Analyst

He joined the company in June 2021 after three years of experience in the engineering field...


Silvia Perri

Financial Planning Manager

Silvia joined Plenisfer Investments in September 2021. She started working in Deloitte&Touche...

Where we are different

A highly experienced team

A combination of business and investment experience of our partners, with the determination to see the investment activity as a “practice” servicing our clients.

We co-invest

Entrepreunership + skin in the game: as co-owners of the business and at same time investors in our own funds we have aligned our interests with our clients.

A 360° perspective

A collaborative, team-based approach to investments, with a clear governance for decision making. We want to avoid both the bias coming from having individual “star portfolio managers” and the bias from having consensus decisions.

Our vision is long-term

We are looking for truly long term oriented clients. Whoever has a short term approach to invest should be discouraged from investing in our funds.


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